Noticing the Negative

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Top of the Food Chain

As humans, our brains are hardwired to notice the negative. It’s an unfortunate reality of our existence, mainly handed down from our ancestors who were mostly hunter-gatherers and primitive farmers.

Think about it this way: You are a cave dweller walking through the tall grass looking for yummy roots and berries. Suddenly you hear a crunching sound off to your right and freeze. In a split second, you analyze the threat and decide whether to stay frozen, use your club to fight, or run for your life. Of course, there is a 99% chance that the crunch was just a harmless deer. But 1 time out of 100, it will be a lion or a bear hunting YOU. The one time you miss the predator is the one time you get eaten. And if you get eaten, you don’t get the chance to make little cave-babies and pass on your DNA. However, if you are quick to notice the negative, you and your children will survive.

We are reading this because our ancestors, ancient and recent, likely survived because they were very good at noticing the negative. Yay for modern us! The only problem is that many of us are not struggling for daily survival. So these primitive brains of ours get bored and start looking for bears and lions in the grass. Our powerful imaginations start creating things to be anxious about. We stay on high alert even when we don’t need to be.

This affects our performance. To perform at our peak, we need to be physically relaxed and emotionally confident. We need to be the lion, stretched out in the sun, ready to run and pounce or take a nap on a moment’s notice. Now that we have clawed our way to the top of the food chain, it’s time for us strong, smart human beings to re-wire our brains. I can help with that. The human brain is remarkably malleable. Using cutting-edge research-based EMDR therapy, we can maximize your strengths and clear out your internal barriers. Peak performance is right over the next hill.    Contact me for an appointment.

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